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The purchaser of any season pass purchases and uses it with the understanding that skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, snow biking, and snow tubing are hazardous sports; that bare spots, ice, changing conditions, bumps, stumps, rocks trees and other hazards and obstructions exist in any ski/tube area. In purchasing a pass, the purchaser recognizes such dangers, whether marked or unmarked, and realizes that falls and collisions are common and numerous and that injuries can result; and he/she accepts the hazards of these sports and the danger of injury incident thereto, including negligence and carelessness on the part of fellow skiers, tubers, bikers etc. It is with the understanding that such pass is sold. All passes may be revoked by the management at any time without refund and are non-transferable. Photography: With the purchase of a season pass, we reserve the right to photograph people and events for the use in printed and electronic materials to promote Minocqua Winter Park without personal consent.

Additional Donation

Please consider making an additional donation to Mincoqua Winter Park to support our chalet and trail operations.  We are also expecting cost increases as related to COVID-19 and our planning to keep our customers and staff safe. With your help we can have a successful 2020-21 season. Enter amount without $.

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